I’m sorry for being absent (yet again)

Hello loves,

These quick and short notes have been filling my blog a bit too much recently and for that I firmly apologise. The reason for my abscence is quite simple and ridiculious. I’m studying, that’s it.

I have reached my final year in highschool and I am learning my arse off to finish with some good grades on my last exams. The last easy exams when you look at the exams I will be doing next year at university, my oh my.

Studying and working has thus prevented me from writing for my blog since I’m writing essays, preperations and so on. After a full day of learning, typing and pushing stuff into my tiny brain, the last thing I want to do (quite unfortunate) is type yet again for my blog. I sorely apologise but I do hope you understand. 

Studying is making me feel quite drained because I’m at home the entire day, usually sitting still or writing. It makes a person exhausted to do nothing, I can tell you that. Your energy floats into your work and after work, the only thing you want to do is sleep. So that’s what I do, haha.

I hope every dear reader of mine understands and I will be back soon. Soon being around the 25th of June. See you then and lots of love, like always!

 (Forgive me, I truly love my blog!)